symptoms of cocaine

symptoms of cocaineAddiction to cocaine does not happen overnight. It is a gradual buildup, even those little trials or small doses that you think don’t contribute anything in the long term can actually instigate and showcase in you the symptoms of cocaine addiction.

The problem starts when you become “hooked” enough—you think that it’s still easy to turn back, but you trudge on, thinking that quitting is still in sight. If you feel that you are already in that stage, it may be time to ask yourself some of these important questions to see if you are already displaying symptoms of cocaine use that has led to full-fledged addiction.

1.  Do you often use cocaine?

An easy way to gauge if you are already addicted to cocaine is to see how often you actually ingest the drug. As cocaine is highly addictive, sampling it once or twice is still a bad idea, but if your cocaine use has become more ongoing to the point of being chronic, it is a solid sign of true addiction for which skilled help can be sought.

2.  Has your habit interfered with your professional or social life?

One of the symptoms of serious and habitual cocaine use is that it serves as a hindrance to your everyday functioning. There are those who may be using the weekend to indulge in cocaine and read more…


Symptoms of Cocaine Use and Abuse - Cocaine RehabOf the many recreational drugs available, cocaine is one of the most addictive substances that has become prevalent in the United States. At least four years ago, the Drug Abuse Warning Network reported that almost 500,000 cases of emergencies in hospitals were attributed to cocaine use, and the numbers have undoubtedly risen since that time.

Without question, cocaine use has become a highly serious issue. To aid in addiction recovery, here are some symptoms of cocaine use that may be helpful in identifying a cocaine user among those you know.

  • Runny or bloody nose – Snorting or sniffing is one of the more popular ways to ingest cocaine. This is often depicted in pop culture media with the user sniffing a line of cocaine using a rolled up currency note or other piece of paper. Chronic cocaine use via this method can lead to permanent damage of both the nasal area and the respiratory system. Users can also experience read more…