social cocaine effects

Depositphotos_5693910_xsSome people who use cocaine are not addicts. They just use it as a “recreational” drug on social occasions and they wonder, “What’s the harm in that?” After all, they’re not addicted.

It is easy to think that trying cocaine once in a while isn’t harmful, kind of like thinking being a casual smoker instead of an addict won’t hurt.

Even occasional use can cause problems for the user’s physical and mental health. Some may not become addicts, but some will. Many addictions have started with something as simple as a little “taste”.

Don’t fall for the ruse that it’s “only dabbling”. Even social cocaine use causes huge danger to a user’s arteries and heart. And that’s just for starters.

Cocaine is the Perfect Heart Attack Drug

News flash: You don’t have to be a cocaine addict for the drug to damage your heart. Even young, fit, social cocaine users have been known to read more…