Cocaine Withdrawal

cocaine withdrawalTrying to turn away from the cocaine habit can bring a variety of symptoms and side effects, and it’s far from being an easy task to accomplish.

If you are trying to recover from an addiction, it is best to know what kind of symptoms to expect with cocaine withdrawal. More importantly, it can help if you know the timeline of symptoms and effects, so you are aware of how your progress will go.

The timeline: How long does it usually last?

The symptoms of cocaine withdrawal can last from anywhere in the first days of the recovery up to several weeks. However, one important thing to remember is that there has to be supervision when undergoing the process.

Cocaine withdrawal and quitting is not the same as finally saying no to the smoking habit. Apart from the symptoms, the rehabilitation needs read more…


What to Expect  During Cocaine WithdrawalWithdrawal from cocaine use, especially for those who have been using the substance for quite some time, can understandably be a difficult experience. Not only will the user undergo physical symptoms due to the cocaine withdrawal, his or her body may also crave the sense of elation that cocaine brings.

Quitting cold turkey may be the best way to deal with cocaine abuse. However, the user would require the physical and emotional support of family members, friends and, very importantly, a physician to ensure that the “crash” that usually follows the rehabilitation would be dealt with safely and carefully.

Cocaine Withdrawal for a Difficult Addiction

One of the problems with cocaine use is that most people underestimate its powerful addictive properties. Though most recreational drugs can become addictive to some extent, the levels of craving and dependence that users experience after frequent use of cocaine are somewhat harder to deal with.

This is the period during cocaine withdrawal when most users need professional help in dealing with specific symptoms, which can adversely affect the health and will power of the user during the rehabilitation process.

Craving during Cocaine Withdrawal

Get Help for Cocaine WithdrawalThe biggest challenge for cocaine users who are undergoing the rehabilitation process is that they may experience read more…