cocaine effects

canstockphoto3637031The holiday season is not just notorious for big parties, rich food, eggnog and many alcoholic drinks.

If you indulged in social cocaine use during the festive times of Christmas and New Year, your body is still trying hard to recover and you can still feel ill effects weeks or months later.

The immediate damage from that social cocaine use can become a long-term problem.

There are things you can do to get rid of your cocaine hangover and stay clean.

Social Cocaine: A Look at the Profile

Many of us have a social habit – an occasional smoke, a joint once in a while, or a social drink. We think it helps us relax and read more…


Gloomy portrait of sad manDon’t let anyone tell you cocaine is not addictive. It is highly addictive. Detoxifying your body is absolutely essential, one way or another, to rid your body of what it views as a toxin. Both your body and your mind must be cleared so you can be ready to do the work that lies ahead.

Doing a cocaine detox at home can be quite successful, especially if you haven’t been dependent on cocaine for too long or feel like you need only a little help instead of a full program.

Understand that, like with smoking, read more…


cocaine effectsA powerful drug that comes from the leaves of the coca bush in South America, cocaine is sold as a white powder that is most often snorted through the nostrils. It can also be dissolved in water and injected, or the powder chemically changed to create forms of cocaine that can be smoked. Whether snorted, smoked or injected, all forms of cocaine have the same eventual effects, including agitation, anxiety and decreased appetite.

How Do Effects of Cocaine Change Appetite

Weight loss in drug abusers can stem from a number of causes. A stimulant like cocaine can cause weight loss directly by dulling appetite and speeding metabolism. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, stimulant abusers often go on binges during which they avoid eating and sleeping for days at a time. The urge to find and use drugs, as well as the terrible expense of maintaining a drug habit, can cause users to severely neglect nutrition.

The side effects of cocaine can also include nausea and vomiting, because the drug causes damage to the lining of the stomach. This in turn causes read more…