It’s not at all uncommon for young people to experiment with some sort of drug or alcohol; there days, it seems like part of growing up. Fortunately, most of them don’t become dependent. If you suspect that your child has become involved with substances to the point of drug addiction, look for some solid indications before jumping to conclusions.

These could be warning signs that your daughter or son is involved with drugs:

  • drug addictionSudden changes in behaviour, appearance, or attitude towards you and/or other family members.
  • Becoming less helpful at home and more secretive.
  • Grades in school are dropping.
  • Money is missing.
  • A change in friends, or no longer brings friends home.

It’s painful for a parent to see their child become addicted to a destructive substance, but if and when such circumstances arise, there are read more…


addictionAddiction is a destructive force in both the addicted individual and his/her family. Given the negative impressions and outcomes that can result from addiction, people sometimes assume it would be easy to just say no.

But the danger of addiction lies in the fact that it can bring cravings and other withdrawal symptoms, which go to specific parts of the individual’s brain.

The change from hobby to habit

Each time a person uses any kind of addictive substance, it brings him/her closer to addiction, because each time brings an read more…