Addiction Recovery

cocaine withdrawalTrying to turn away from the cocaine habit can bring a variety of symptoms and side effects, and it’s far from being an easy task to accomplish.

If you are trying to recover from an addiction, it is best to know what kind of symptoms to expect with cocaine withdrawal. More importantly, it can help if you know the timeline of symptoms and effects, so you are aware of how your progress will go.

The timeline: How long does it usually last?

The symptoms of cocaine withdrawal can last from anywhere in the first days of the recovery up to several weeks. However, one important thing to remember is that there has to be supervision when undergoing the process.

Cocaine withdrawal and quitting is not the same as finally saying no to the smoking habit. Apart from the symptoms, the rehabilitation needs read more…


cocaine useOnce cocaine use becomes a habit, it becomes harder to overcome, which is something that hard users don’t easily get used to. If you have already decided to quit the habit and start fresh, the next obstacles you will encounter are the cocaine use withdrawal symptoms, which become harder to deal with the more ingrained the habit is in your life.

There are medications and treatments designed to help, but of course it is always best to consult your physician about the taking of any such medications. It is crucial to be aware of any potential side effects that you may experience in addition to those expected while trying to rid your system of the effects of cocaine use.

Expect the Symptoms of Ending Cocaine Use to Prepare Yourself

The withdrawal symptoms of cocaine use are something that you will have to undergo as you head back onto the path of addiction recovery. But it pays to know beforehand what you will be experiencing for read more…


Things to Know about Cocaine Addiction

addiction recoveryJust one of the main problems with cocaine addiction is that the habit is expensive to begin with. It is one of the status-laden drugs that are usually associated with celebrities and more high-end users. While the health effects can be grave with long-term use, there are also devastating financial burdens for the typical cocaine user who, like most of us, isn’t in the Hollywood income bracket.

Cocaine wreaks havoc with the body’s dopamine receptors, essentially the “feel good” receptors that use natural dopamine. As cocaine use continues, it requires more and more of the drug to return to even a level of feeling good that is normal. Crack cocaine can be more addictive than read more…


The decision to drop your cocaine habit and take the road to addiction recovery is an admirable one. But it can also be a daunting task, one that requires you to make sacrifices, endure hardships, and find new ways to cope with life’s challenges—as well as be prepared for the threat of relapse.

Steer Clear of Bad Habits in Addiction Recovery

addiction recoverySometimes it’s best to keep away from places and even people that make you remember your former indulgence in destructive habits and behavior. Some who are in addiction recovery tend to avoid frequenting places and eliminate contact with friends with whom they formerly used cocaine, for example, as these are some of the easiest influences that can trigger the craving and lead to backsliding.

Opt for a change in lifestyle. This can mean moving away, going on a vacation to clear your mind, or simply finding rewarding habits and hobbies to occupy yourself and channel your energy and time in positive ways. New scenery and activities complement your new lifestyle.

Addiction Recovery and an Optimistic Attitude

Your own attitude towards your addiction recovery can be the saving factor between personal rescue and the risk of read more…


No matter what anyone says, falling into cocaine addiction is not necessarily the end of the world for the cocaine user or the people in his or her life. With the right amount of professional assistance and guidance, determination, will power, and support from friends and loved ones, it is entirely possible to find yourself back on the road to a normal, healthy lifestyle.

Here are some of the solid, even life-saving benefits you can anticipate when you take that first step towards saying ‘no’ to cocaine. Think of them as the “4 Gs”:

cocaine addictionGo back to your old life – There is a big change for the worse in your entire life when you fall into the grip of cocaine addiction, which propels you to be continually on the hunt for your next fix. You tend to neglect the things that you normally do, your societal and familial duties, and overall functioning as a productive person.

When you get rid of the cravings caused by cocaine addiction, you will be able to step back and realize with a fresh perspective just how read more…


addiction recoveryAside from the stigma that has long accompanied drug detoxification and addition recovery, there is also the hassle of undergoing confinement in a clinical institution in order to undergo and complete the process towards a drug-free lifestyle.

Good news: If attending a drug rehab facility is not your first choice, there are now programs available that aim to introduce a more flexible new way to get on the road to addiction recovery, while maintaining a normal, ongoing way of life.

Challenges of Safe Detoxification

Whether in a clinical setting or at home, no matter where the scenario plays out, the most significant aspect of detoxification for addiction recovery is the symptoms of withdrawal, as these can create challenges and make it harder to endure the process and maintain it for a long period of time. Some of the withdrawal symptoms that read more…