What You Should Know about Crack Cocaine

crack cocaineCocaine use of any kind continues to be a serious issue; this highly addictive substance can ruin every aspect of life, from physical health and mental well-being, to personal relationships and livelihoods. Crack cocaine is certainly no exception and in fact, is considered by some to be even worse than other forms of this devastating drug.

Cracking Down on Cocaine Use?

The threat of such shattering consequences does not stop many people from indulging in cocaine use. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, crack cocaine use by students has been estimated to be at 1.7% for 8th graders, 2.1% for 10th graders, and 2.4% for 12th graders, based on a 2009 monitoring the future survey.

Crack cocaine is considered to be one of the most potent forms of cocaine that is sold, sometimes reaching up to 100% in purity. Crack cocaine use affects the brain quickly with a powerful and short-lived effect. Crack cocaine users can be more addicted to cocaine in general, especially when the user prefers to smoke rather than snort the substance.

Crack Cocaine vs. Freebase Cocaine

By definition, freebase cocaine is cocaine free from any hydrochloride additives, and is the result of the alteration of powder cocaine to cocaine sulfate, rendering the drug practically 100% pure. The substance has a low melting point and is usually smoked, as it can no longer be mixed with water.

Crack cocaine, on the other hand, makes use of baking soda and heat in its creation process, forming a dried, rock-like end product. The physical form of crack cocaine looks like white pellets that are created by cooking the substance with baking soda, producing what resembles crystal rocks.

Crack Cocaine Use: Flirting with Disaster

crack cocaineThe process of transforming cocaine into crack cocaine is fairly straightforward and commonly done by dealers who simply mix cocaine with baking soda and water; when heated and cooked together, the ingredients make a popping and cracking sound. Crack cocaine reaches the end of the cooking process when the substance has turned solid white. This is then cooled to create rocks, which are the form in which crack cocaine is sold and distributed.

Cocaine is generally considered to be a drug that only “rich” people can buy. However, because of the processed and laced nature of crack cocaine, this substance is often more affordable, even for those who do not have regular income flows. Sadly, this makes teenagers even more susceptible to the perils of cocaine addiction.


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