The Unforgiving Effects of Crack Cocaine

Man using crack cocaine

When a person says something really strange, we’ve all heard someone say, “What are you, on crack?” While it’s not a good thing to say, it is born from the fact that crack cocaine can really screw up a user’s brain and thinking.

Crack cocaine is cheap, nasty, highly addictive and deadly. It doesn’t take long to notice the signs that someone has been using it.

Effects and Signs of Crack Cocaine

Straight after taking crack, a person will get really talkative and overly energetic, while heart rate and blood pressure will skyrocket. He or she will have dilated pupils and be unable to sleep. Other effects place huge stress on the central nervous system and internal organs.
If a person keeps using crack, you will notice him or her starting to struggle with reduced appetite, rapid weight loss, nausea, digestive complaints, sudden and dramatic mood swings, losing touch with reality, depression, paranoia, delusions, even sudden violent outbursts.

One of the most disturbing things to see in some crack users and addicts is them clawing and scratching at themselves, believing that they have bugs on them or under their skin.

Long-term use of crack can eventually cause memory problems and brain damage. Kidneys are key organs for processing wastes and toxic invasions, but they will become overwhelmed and can even fail completely.

Crack Pipes and Crack Mouth

Crack cocaine is taken by injecting, sniffing or smoking. Smoking is the most popular method and it provides one of the most obvious signs a person has been using the drug. A “rock” of crack is inserted into the end of a glass or metal tube (crack pipe) and lit so it can be smoked. Because it needs frequent relighting, the tube becomes hot and often burns the user’s fingers and lips. “Crack mouth” is when the user has burns and lesions around the lips.

Sometimes the glass shatters and the user must make excuses why he or she has cuts simultaneously on the fingers and lips.

The Dangers of Mixing Crack with Other Substances

For some people, mixing crack and alcohol at a partySmoking crack cocaineor club may seem like something harmless and adventurous. After all, it’s time to let your hair down and join in because everyone else is doing drugs. However, the two substances mix badly in the body and become a toxic cocktail. With enough of both, the body’s systems can be overwhelmed rapidly. Suddenly the user will have severe problems breathing, dangerously high blood pressure and delirium. They can pass out, have a seizure or stroke, or even experience cardiac arrest.

Crack Use Requires Professional Help

If you, or someone you know, is displaying signs of using crack cocaine, seek professional advice and help immediately. The drug is so highly addictive that it can be very difficult to convince the user of the need for help. Often the person can be hostile or violent, or else feel invincible. It is the feeling of invincibility, combined with a suppressed sense of danger, that makes driving after using crack so deadly dangerous.

Using crack will impair the judgment of even the most intelligent person. Professional rehab is essential. Take the positive course instead of risking complications and death.

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