The Risky Effects of Cocaine Use

Cocaine UseHigh-risk habits such as cocaine use can have dire effects upon and cause serious threats to one’s health, which begs the question of why some people still use the drug. Such are the perils of addiction, however, which can affect good judgment and cause self-destructive behavior. Whether it is for experimentation or habitual use, the ill effects of cocaine use go far beyond a warning to avoid addiction.

Cocaine use can bring about various risks that have long-term consequences not just for the user, but also for his or her loved ones, who must try to cope with a family member who is addicted to a destructive substance.

Sudden Death by Cocaine

A study was conducted in Spain by the Forensic Pathology Service at the Institute of Legal Medicine and spearheaded by Dr. Joaquin Lucena. The results revealed that 3% of sudden deaths recorded in southwest Spain were attributed to cocaine use. What’s more, this finding has been generalized to apply to the whole of Europe and even to the rest of the world.

The key finding of the study showed that most of the deaths that are linked to cocaine use are brought about by the drug’s effect upon the heart and other related systems in the body. In addition, a fatality resulting from cocaine use is not necessarily dependent upon the amount of cocaine taken, as any dosage can effectively lead to death, depending on a person’s individual body system and tolerance.

Injecting Cocaine is a Dangerous Method

While the very act of substance use and the abuse of cocaine are dangerous in themselves, using syringes Cocaine Use Injectionfor cocaine injection increases the risk of contracting other diseases. This means that aside from the dangers and the effects of cocaine, serious and potentially fatal diseases such as HIV, AIDS, and hepatitis can be transmitted through the sharing of needles. The practice of sharing needles is not uncommon, particularly for more addicted users, as unfortunately any cocaine hit is sought, even if it comes from a used syringe.

Contracting HIV and AIDS may result in the compromise of one’s immune system, which can be fatal in the face of even the simplest infection, not to mention the stigma that comes along with having this disease. Hepatitis, on the other hand, can be the cause of cancer, other health problems, and even death, as it targets and harms the liver.

Cocaine Use and Respiratory Complications

Smoking this substance can irritate the lungs, and depending on the frequency of use, can lead to lasting lung impairment. In fact, research has shown that substance use and abuse via smoking cocaine brings about a negative reaction with the protein substances in the lungs, causing permanent damage.

Snorting cocaine can also cause damage to other areas of the respiratory system, particularly the nose and sinuses. Some of the effects of cocaine use include nasal perforation and extreme irritation due to regular use.

Cocaine Use May Lead to Strokes

Cocaine Use and RehabTrying out cocaine in small amounts may have a worse effect as it can get you addicted to the substance. Addiction aside, however, the amount of cocaine consumed will accumulate to cause substantial harm.

The cumulative effect of cocaine use can lead to strokes. This is because the effects of cocaine include the promotion of the brain arteries’ reaction to chemical stimuli that cause them to constrict. The more constriction that occurs in the brain, the more substantial the reduction of the blood supply to the brain, which can damage the brain structure and cells and cause symptoms that mimic a stroke.

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