The Harmful Effects of Cocaine Addiction on Your Family

Of all the recreational drugs that Americans use, cocaine continuesCocaine Addiction to hold the highest record for deaths by overdose, as well as other drug abuse fatalities in most countries. In fact, in 2009, the Office of National Drug Control Policy recorded that approximately 35.9 million Americans aged 12 and older have tried cocaine. In the same record, Cocaine Facts & Figures, 2.1 million Americans were recorded as being regular cocaine users. If you are suffering from cocaine addiction, you are not alone.

Symptoms and Effects of Cocaine Addiction:

  • Sudden angry outbursts – One of the effects of cocaine addiction is that the user presents with antisocial behavior, anxiety or paranoia, which in turn can lead to sudden outbursts or anger management issues within the family.
  • Family members may be exposed to these kinds of outbursts without warning. The sad reality is that even though the user’s reactions and behavior may be a result of their cocaine addiction, family members may not understand what is happening and experience hard feelings or ill-emotions towards the user.
    Coccaine Addiction Effecting Family
  • Estrangement from spouse or family – Depending on the degree of devastation that is a result of cocaine addiction, a married couple may undergo divorce much more readily. The use of cocaine can lead to the mistreatment of a spouse, as well as escapism with regards to health risks and real-world problems. Financial issues, and even the degree of psychological problems that the cocaine user displays, can all contribute to relationship breakdowns.
  • Work and financial issues – The effects of cocaine on working professionals are not limited to the medical and physical symptoms that are brought on by usage. An inability to function effectively at work is obviously a huge drawback. Another major concern of a family with regards to a user is that cocaine is an expensive habit that can burn a horrible hole through the family budget.

Frequent cocaine use and addiction can drastically affect one’s job performance. Constant absenteeism from work can lead to eventual job loss in a relatively short period of time. If the user also happens to be the main breadwinner of the family, then there is a big chance that the loss of employment may not be enough of a wakeup call. It can lead those who are financially dependent into further debt or complete bankruptcy.

Detrimental Effects of Cocaine Addiction on Children

Cocaine AddictionChildren should be raised in a warm and caring home environment. However, having parents or any other family member who struggles with cocaine addiction can bring harmful results to children. The abuse that they may receive from the cocaine user, whether verbal, physical, or mental, is inevitable as the usage becomes more frequent. Some children may even develop a distorted view of the world, with cocaine playing a predominant role in their life.

Other family members may be inflicted with shame, regret, or even guilt over how they were not able to stop their loved one from being destroyed by the drug habit. Don’t leave your family with this kind of legacy; get real help for your cocaine addiction before it’s too late.

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