Replace Cocaine Use with a Healthy, Natural High

cocaine useSince 2002, cocaine use among American youth has seen a significant drop, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Among youth aged 12 to 17, there has been a decline from .6% to .4%.

While efforts to prevent cocaine use among youth and adults are meeting with some success, another way to improve results even more is to turn to current users in the hope of helping them towards the path of recovery. Let’s look at several simple but effective ways to help achieve a healthy and natural boost, so that those who resort to cocaine use have some attractive alternatives in their day to day lives.

Sports and physical exertion – While most people abhor the idea of going to the gym and sweating it out, physical activity is actually an excellent way to experience a natural high. This is because of endorphins, which are natural pain killers, and epinephrine, which brings a sense of euphoria to a person.

Something as simple as running can produce what is called the runner’s high, where the runner experiences a change of mood for the better. Instead of turning to the significant risks and dangers cocaine use, sign up with a gym or indulge in a favorite sport. It will even give you the bonus of losing a few pounds and increasing your fitness level.

Chocolate – Ever heard that eating chocolate can be a great aphrodisiac? Some research suggests that there can be some truth to this claim. Chocolate contains tryptophan, which is involved in sexual arousal; phenylethylamine, a stimulant that is related to the feeling of falling in love; and serotonin, which boosts when pleasurable experiences occur. But science aside, if you are a fan of chocolate, sometimes, the taste of it alone can be enough to give you that satisfying feeling of happiness. It’s always better to go with the healthier alternative than to fall back on cocaine use.

cocaine useInvigorating massage – Who knew that total relaxation could actually send you soaring with a giddy feeling of complete well-being? Many people experience this when they indulge in an hour of massage. That peaceful and satiated feeling comes from the endorphins that are released as a result of the massage treatment. Massages are also known for getting the blood circulation going, inciting detoxification, and lowering blood pressure, all of which contribute to a sense of happiness and relaxation.

Laughter – We’ve all heard that laughter is supposed to be the best medicine, but apparently, research backs this up as a good way to achieve a natural high. In his book, A Better High, Matt Bellace, PhD, says that jokes, especially real side-splitters, tap into the reward center of the brain. So the next time someone offers to tell you a joke or asks you to see a funny flick, grab the opportunity. It’s those small moments that can allow you to feel healthy enjoyment in your body and mind, as well as with your friends.


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