Reasons to Avoid Getting Into Crack Cocaine

119590750thinkstockPeople recognize that crack cocaine is nasty, toxic, incredibly addictive and deadly dangerous.

Yet, many still keep experimenting with it, not truly appreciating how quickly crack can exert power over them and draw them into addiction.

Easy to Start, Hard to Stop

Getting into illegal drugs is always serious; crack, especially so. Some people may say they are just trying it out and can stop easily before it gets serious, but they are underestimating the drug’s power and overestimating their ability to turn from it.

The first “hit” of crack is intense and short lived. Within a short time, the brain already craves more. The brain’s chemical balance has been altered and the desire for more crack goes way beyond something mere willpower can overcome. The person experiences terrible agitation and even deep depression. It is very common for users, even first timers, to go on crack binges, trying to maintain the original high. Recreating it requires higher and higher doses, thus sending the brain and central nervous system into a downward spiral.

We have all seen celebrities who have become addicted to crack cocaine. Recently, there has been the high profile story of Rob Ford, the Mayor of Toronto, and his abuse of crack. He became a laughing stock to many and his sad story played out for the world to see. This drug is not something that people experiment with and just leave behind. Addiction occurs very quickly.

Sadly, crack remains popular because it is cheap and relatively easy to obtain on the street. The lifestyle, as well as the drug itself, draws people in because it can produce a fast effect and they think selling it can bring fast money.

Crack Cocaine and Families

140299682When experimenting with crack on the spur of the moment, few people spare a thought for how it may deeply and significantly affect a larger sphere – their families.

Marriage separations caused by drug addiction, particularly crack, are on the rise. Crack-using people have a significantly higher rate of perpetrating abuse against their spouses.

The husband and wife are not the only people affected. Children in environments where crack  is used regularly experience neglect, abuse and abandonment. They feel isolated from their families and have difficulty establishing and maintaining their personal relationships as well as their efforts in school. These children will develop distorted views of drug use and become more prone to addiction themselves as they grow older.

Even a single person will experience great difficulty. Establishing trust and close connections with others becomes almost impossible when under the influence of crack.

Long-Lasting Effects

It is commonly thought that a crack addict is young, especially given that cheap crack is sold in and around high schools. The sad fact is that many crack addicts are aged 30-50. Many started when they were significantly younger and have been unable to break their addiction.

Continuing to use crack cocaine usually induces depression in the user, due to the heavy chemical influence on the brain. Long-term use often causes impaired sleep patterns, poor eating habits, paranoia, sudden aggression, severe mood swings, and suicidal thoughts. As for the rest of the body, continued crack abuse causes damage to the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys. Also, permanent brain damage is a significant risk.If you are experiencing problems with crack cocaine, or someone you know is, help is available through professional and accredited treatment centers. You will find empathy, support, knowledge and help. Yet another terrible effect from crack abuse is a feeling of isolation where the addict thinks nobody can help and that trying is not worth the effort. Contact professionals and do everything you can, because help is most definitely available and worth that effort.

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