How Do You Know If You are Addicted to Cocaine?

symptoms of cocaineAddiction to cocaine does not happen overnight. It is a gradual buildup, even those little trials or small doses that you think don’t contribute anything in the long term can actually instigate and showcase in you the symptoms of cocaine addiction.

The problem starts when you become “hooked” enough—you think that it’s still easy to turn back, but you trudge on, thinking that quitting is still in sight. If you feel that you are already in that stage, it may be time to ask yourself some of these important questions to see if you are already displaying symptoms of cocaine use that has led to full-fledged addiction.

1.  Do you often use cocaine?

An easy way to gauge if you are already addicted to cocaine is to see how often you actually ingest the drug. As cocaine is highly addictive, sampling it once or twice is still a bad idea, but if your cocaine use has become more ongoing to the point of being chronic, it is a solid sign of true addiction for which skilled help can be sought.

2.  Has your habit interfered with your professional or social life?

One of the symptoms of serious and habitual cocaine use is that it serves as a hindrance to your everyday functioning. There are those who may be using the weekend to indulge in cocaine and then finding themselves unable to function adequately come Mondays, so their work and professional like in general may suffer.

In may be in the category where your social life is be affected because you are used to attending parties that have cocaine as part of the merriment—and without it, you think you can’t have the same kind of “fun.”

3.  Is money becoming a problem?

Most people will claim to have money problems, but for those who are addicted to cocaine, financial problems are usually directly related to the drug use.

Cocaine is one of the more expensive illegal substances around, and those who are already suffering from symptoms of cocaine use are likely to spend money to get their fix, lest they suffer from withdrawal. Those who are already in too deep will do anything to get money for a score—be it stealing, lying, or getting into heavy debt.

4.  Are your friends and family starting to suspect or worry?

For the most part, cocaine users tend to hide their habit from their family, especially those who are still young and are just “trying out” cocaine use.

Some may only allow their cocaine buddies to know that they are indulging in this destructive habit. But once you feel that your family is starting to suspect or even recognize the symptoms of cocaine use in you, or if your friends who are not part of your cocaine circle are starting to worry, it may be that they have caught on to the reality of your habit, and are trying to help guide you to recovery.


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