Happy New Year: Take Charge of Your Life with Addiction Recovery

The decision to drop your cocaine habit and take the road to addiction recovery is an admirable one. But it can also be a daunting task, one that requires you to make sacrifices, endure hardships, and find new ways to cope with life’s challenges—as well as be prepared for the threat of relapse.

Steer Clear of Bad Habits in Addiction Recovery

addiction recoverySometimes it’s best to keep away from places and even people that make you remember your former indulgence in destructive habits and behavior. Some who are in addiction recovery tend to avoid frequenting places and eliminate contact with friends with whom they formerly used cocaine, for example, as these are some of the easiest influences that can trigger the craving and lead to backsliding.

Opt for a change in lifestyle. This can mean moving away, going on a vacation to clear your mind, or simply finding rewarding habits and hobbies to occupy yourself and channel your energy and time in positive ways. New scenery and activities complement your new lifestyle.

Addiction Recovery and an Optimistic Attitude

Your own attitude towards your addiction recovery can be the saving factor between personal rescue and the risk of relapse. While there may be trying times, such as when you feel especially frustrated or sad, always remember that everyone goes through that at various times in life and that you are not alone. Resorting to the cocaine habit that you once used to make the pain go away temporarily poses huge mental and physical risks, and is never a sound solution.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your friends and family. They are your closest network, and would be much happier if you sought their support instead of opting to use drugs to alleviate any of life’s difficulties. Develop trust in yourself and your ability to make good decisions.

Avoiding Post-Treatment Relapse

In spite of the effectiveness and success of your cocaine rehab program, in order to remain drug free in the long run, it is crucial to take certain steps to help avoid relapse.

  • Following cocaine addiction treatment, pay ongoing attention to your psychological well-being and mental state by creating a safe life for yourself. This includes employment at a steady, low stress job that is supportive of your clean and sober lifestyle.
  • Find a home that is in a stable area away from the pressures of an environment revolving around drug addiction.
  • If your existing home life does not provide supportive surroundings for your continued recovery, strongly consider finding another place to live.
  • If family members live elsewhere and are unavailable to provide the support and encouragement you require, you may be able to connect with potential roommates through those you meet at cocaine rehab.
  • Attend post rehab services that focus on good ongoing guidance and support.


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