Facing Cocaine Addiction and Moving to Recovery

Cocaine Addiction RehabCocaine use and addiction has become prevalent in North America. In fact, in 2008, the National Institute on Drug Abuse estimated that there are 1.4 million people who are known to suffer from cocaine addiction in the United States alone.

From the time of that first hit, the road to abuse and serious cocaine addiction can be alarmingly short. Before you or a family member hits the destructive dependency stage of this devastating drug, remember that there are ways to face cocaine addiction and prevent it from damaging your life any further.

Avoid Cocaine Addiction: Say No from the Get-Go

For most young people, especially, curiosity is a powerful thing that can tempt many to consider trying out something new for the first time. If the temptation is cocaine or any other illicit drug, the best thing to do in such a situation is to say NO and stick to your own good advice. Of all the so-called recreational drugs available, cocaine can be one of the most harmful and addictive substances.

For those who have already tried this potentially deadly substance even once, there is a chance that cocaine addiction may have already been started. It is not too late, however. However challenging it may seem to be, with the right professional support and guidance, quitting cocaine is a plausible and achievable task.

Facing the Consequences of Cocaine Addiction

If there is one thing that cocaine users should think about to lessen their motivation for another hit, it would be the consequences of losing everything they hold dear. From distancing oneself from friends, family members and other loved ones to going down a spiral of confusion, pain, regret and dire physical and psychological consequences, there is no plus offered by cocaine addiction.

Seek Expert Help for Cocaine Addiction

Recovery from cocaine addiction can be a long process, during which you are better off sharing with theCocaine Addiction most important people in your life. Experts who assist those combatting and overcoming the perils of cocaine addiction will tell that this is a crucial time, when you need all the support you can get to keep you on track on the road to recovery.

Ask your friends or family members to share new hobbies or activities with you, which can take your mind off of cocaine use and allow you to steer away from anything related to the substance. Find a sport that you can practice. Try out meditation with a companion. Or find something that lets you channel your creative energy.

Cocaine Addiction and Experimental Science

At the Weill Cornel Medical College, professor and chairman of genetic medicine Ronald Crystal, M.D., has been leading a team of scientists who are currently developing a vaccine termed DaD5GNE. This particular vaccine is said to eliminate the effects of cocaine by preventing any interaction between the dopamine transporters that usually enter the brain during cocaine consumption.

According to the Society of Nuclear Medicine’s 59th Annual Meeting, this vaccine would hopefully help in cocaine addiction recovery for those who have already used the substance, or target potential users and stop the possibility before it occurs. Much clinical and research testing must take place before the vaccine can be released for administration in the fight against cocaine addiction.

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