Cocaine Addiction and How it Affects People in Other Countries

Cocaine AddictionCocaine addiction has a number of negative effects on your local economy, personal health and other social issues. However, the effects are not only felt locally, but internationally as well.

The more people use and abuse cocaine, the more profound the ripple effects are to other countries. A little insight into how this drug is produced and supplied will provide some understanding about how it causes problems for people and the natural environment in many places.

Where Does Cocaine Come From?

Cocaine is derived from a plant called coca which is grown in large quantities in countries like Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. Farmers in these countries often end up growing coca instead of crops and healthful food because of the lure that the plant will yield more money. These people end up under the thumb of the massive drug cartels and feel that they have no choice but to grow coca if they and their families are to survive.

The results are devastating for the environment, while local communities’ economies become dependent on the drug trade at the expense of traditional industries.

The Dangers of Producing Cocaine

More and more forest keeps being cleared and ruined just to plant coca crops. The impact on forest ecosystems, soil erosion, waterways and animal life are devastating. All to make a drug dollar.

Those who grow coca risk arrest and severe punishment by authorities.

Those who manage to grow the plant to maturity then damage the environment and their health to process it into cocaine. This is most often done in makeshift structures or kitchens hidden in the jungle in order to avoid arrest. Processing involves using toxic chemicals and is done hurriedly and without supervision. The local people’s health suffers as they breathe and absorb these chemicals.

Sometimes young children are involved in these activities instead of attending school.

The waste left over is toxic and not disposed of properly. It ends up in the soil and waterways, causing havoc.

What is supposed to bring money to the families in these countries ends up causing more suffering than the money earned can compensate for.

Slaves to a Nightmare

Cocaine AddictionDrug cartels push for more product and to have it produced faster.

If a producer is not fast enough, or the product is not good enough, the cartels abandon him and try someone else. This causes even worse carelessness and risk-taking in the growing and processing.

Farmers who produce cocaine in these countries are effectively slaves.

They have no rights but must assume all the risk and suffer all the harm.

 Dealing With Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction may seem like something that affects individuals and families locally, but the truth is that the repercussions are far-reaching and unforgiving.

Avoid using cocaine. Save yourself from the effects. Take a step in the journey of not only improving your life but of turning around the lives of families in faraway lands.
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