How to Better Manage Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

cocaine useOnce cocaine use becomes a habit, it becomes harder to overcome, which is something that hard users don’t easily get used to. If you have already decided to quit the habit and start fresh, the next obstacles you will encounter are the cocaine use withdrawal symptoms, which become harder to deal with the more ingrained the habit is in your life.

There are medications and treatments designed to help, but of course it is always best to consult your physician about the taking of any such medications. It is crucial to be aware of any potential side effects that you may experience in addition to those expected while trying to rid your system of the effects of cocaine use.

Expect the Symptoms of Ending Cocaine Use to Prepare Yourself

The withdrawal symptoms of cocaine use are something that you will have to undergo as you head back onto the path of addiction recovery. But it pays to know beforehand what you will be experiencing for the next few months until you have achieved your goal.

Knowing what to expect by consulting with your doctor or even researching the common effects of cocaine use withdrawal can be a huge help, so that you won’t be taken completely by surprise when symptoms arise. Being prepared is a large part of the battle, and some people in the process of ridding themselves of a destructive cocaine use habit find successful ways to help counter these symptoms.

For instance, those who already know that an increased appetite often comes with withdrawal symptoms can be prepared to gain weight, or to take steps to keep that potential weight gain at bay if it is not desired. Those who are informed about possible sleep problems can strategize beforehand about potential solutions.

Prescription Medications and the Withdrawal Process

cocaine useAs mentioned above, there are a number of medications that can aid in the management of the withdrawal symptoms of cocaine use, but bear in mind that they may not be right for everyone and do require a prescription from your doctor.

Some of these drugs include Haloperidol for dissociative symptoms, Desipramine for depression side effects and Propranolol for the more severe anxiety attacks and cravings while you are in the middle of withdrawal. Always discuss with your physician if these substances are recommended and can be ingested in your condition.

Have a Support System in Place

Perhaps one of the simplest and most effective ways to achieve aspects of managing the withdrawal symptoms of cocaine use is to have a support system with you during those times. Having a family member or committed friend who can provide support and encouragement as you face the expected challenges of withdrawal is invaluable. This is especially important during the times when you may feel like giving up and backsliding, as it helps to reinforce the message that there are loved ones who care very much about you and your successful recovery.

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