Addiction Recovery: Detox Successfully at Home

addiction recoveryAside from the stigma that has long accompanied drug detoxification and addition recovery, there is also the hassle of undergoing confinement in a clinical institution in order to undergo and complete the process towards a drug-free lifestyle.

Good news: If attending a drug rehab facility is not your first choice, there are now programs available that aim to introduce a more flexible new way to get on the road to addiction recovery, while maintaining a normal, ongoing way of life.

Challenges of Safe Detoxification

Whether in a clinical setting or at home, no matter where the scenario plays out, the most significant aspect of detoxification for addiction recovery is the symptoms of withdrawal, as these can create challenges and make it harder to endure the process and maintain it for a long period of time. Some of the withdrawal symptoms that are commonly shared by most drug withdrawal processes include dizziness, headaches, seizures, weakness and lethargy, which are all contributed to by dehydration.

According to past research linked with addiction recovery, there is a way to lessen the intensity of the discomfort experienced when coping with withdrawal symptoms, which in turn makes it easier for the patient to deal with the process. This way involves being healthy inside and out.

Striving to be Healthier is Crucial to Addiction Recovery

One of the secrets to easing your way through addiction recovery and going back on the path to being healthy and drug-free requires you to be healthier physically. Research suggests that healthier individuals have an easier time dealing with withdrawal symptoms, because their bodies are better equipped to withstand less of the intensity of the effects. This means that the first step involved in preparing for effective home detoxification requires you to resolve any deficiencies that your body may be experiencing.

Addiction Recovery & Rehydration: Bringing your Body Back to Health

addiction recoveryIt is extremely important to rehydrate your body back to its proper water level, and it takes time to do so. The standard time for preparation before undergoing home detox and addiction recovery is two weeks.

Part of this preparation involves avoiding unhealthy food before and during the detoxification, as these do not contribute to the improvement of your overall well-being. Supplements are also required to be ingested before, during and after the detoxification process, and will aid in compensating for the effects of the medication and the overall process on your body.

Follow the Recommended Steps for Addiction Recovery

Because knowledge of proper diet and supplement ingestion is key to a successful detox, it is best to subscribe to programs that comprehensively list the necessary steps and requirements that you will need to fulfill for a smoother addiction recovery. There are at home detox programs available that can complement your regular medical check-ups, allowing you to detoxify safely in your own home while being monitored by a responsible practitioner.


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