15 Facts about Cocaine

Cocaine use is one of the most widespread and common paths to drug addiction. Here are a few interesting facts that may prove helpful for those who are trying to keep themselves informed of the consequences, hardships and other issues that can accompany cocaine use.

  1. cocaine useA global concern – More than two-thirds of all countries in the world are reported to have cocaine use amongst at least some portion of their population. While the US is a common hotspot for cocaine, there is also significant cocaine use reported in Colombia, Mexico and New Zealand.
  2. Combining cocaine use and alcohol – It’s all too common and highly dangerous. The resulting toxic mix of the two substances is cocaethylene; a cocaine user runs a greater risk of sudden death when the drug is combined with alcohol, and concurrent alcohol and cocaine use is the cause of nearly three-quarters of cocaine-related fatalities in the United States alone.
  3. Hospital happenstance – A common reason for drug-related visits to US hospital emergency wards (more than a third) is cocaine overdose. This represents a huge increase from 1978, for example, when cocaine accounted for only 1% of drug-related ER visits, an alarmingly disturbing statistical jump.
  4. Where it got cracking – Crack cocaine first appeared back in the mid-1980s, when it rapidly became a quick-effect, relatively low street price drug favorite.
  5. Psychology and cocaine? The famous Sigmund Freud, who first tried the drug in 1884, recommended cocaine use as a treatment for alcoholism, depression, and even morphine addiction.
  6. What comes after cannabis – When it comes to illicit drugs in the US, cocaine is the next most commonly used one after marijuana.
  7. Pick your poison – Cocaine can come either as a powder or in a crystalline form. Cocaine’s crystal rock form, also known as “crack” or “freebase,” has not been neutralized by an acid.
  8. Babies become victims – The babies of mothers who used cocaine during pregnancy are often born prematurely, with low birth weights, and even brain damage. Cocaine use in pregnancy also greatly increases the risk of spontaneous abortion.
  9. All doped up – The euphoric effect of cocaine use comes from the activation of nerve cells in the brain that then results in the release of dopamine. The longer the dopamine remains active, the longer the duration of the drug’s effects.
  10. Wine with dangerous kick – Back in 1859, pure cocaine was extracted from coca leaves and sold in a fortified wine in France in 1863.
  11. No longer a beverage booster – The beverage brand Coca-Cola once contained trace amounts of cocaine (about 9 milligrams), which produced stimulating effects in combination with caffeine. Although cocaine was no longer used as an ingredient in the soda by 1903, a cocaine-free coca leaf continues to be used as a flavor additive.
  12. Outlawed, only to rise again – Cocaine became a prohibited drug in 1914, but its use rose back up considerably in the 1960s. For middle and upper-class citizens in the US, cocaine use was common by the late 70s, contonuing on to become known as the prevalent drug of the 1980s.
  13. Only partly pure – To make more money and bump up quantities, dealers will almost always add something to cocaine and sell it in diluted quantities. Some of the additives commonly used for this include sugar, talcum powder, and even cornstarch.
  14. Men feel more than women – Here’s a switch from the stereotype. In terms of the effects of cocaine, men tend to feel them more quickly than women, and also describe more of both the so-called highs and the bad trip experiences that cocaine use can cause.
  15. Cocaine by the dollar – Minute traces of cocaine are said to be found on four out of five circulating US dollar bills. The fine powder form of cocaine can be spread around quite easily, but this isn’t necessarily proof that a particular bill has been formed into a tube and used to snort cocaine.


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