May 2014

Cocaine AddictionCocaine addiction has a number of negative effects on your local economy, personal health and other social issues. However, the effects are not only felt locally, but internationally as well.

The more people use and abuse cocaine, the more profound the ripple effects are to other countries. A little insight into how this drug is produced and supplied will provide some understanding about how it causes problems for people and the natural environment in many places.

Where Does Cocaine Come From?

Cocaine is derived from a plant called coca which is grown in large quantities in countries like Colombia, Peru and read more…


cocaine addictionCocaine is one of the most popular illegal substances used in the United States. This drug goes by a number of street names including line, snow white, crack, blanka, flake, paradise white, and pearl. It can be ingested a number of ways including smoking, sniffing and injecting.

Cocaine contains powerful, dangerous and addictive substances that quickly enter the human system to produce a number of effects.  The immediate effect is what causes most people to take the drug without thinking of the consequences that will later be inevitable.

It is Dangerous on So Many Levels

While some may brush off the effects, dangers and addictive nature of cocaine, it simply isn’t worth ruining every aspect of your life. People who get caught in a cycle of abuse can expect damaged relationships, health problems, employment troubles, financial woes, social rejection, brushes with the law, temptation to read more…


It’s not at all uncommon for young people to experiment with some sort of drug or alcohol; there days, it seems like part of growing up. Fortunately, most of them don’t become dependent. If you suspect that your child has become involved with substances to the point of drug addiction, look for some solid indications before jumping to conclusions.

These could be warning signs that your daughter or son is involved with drugs:

  • drug addictionSudden changes in behaviour, appearance, or attitude towards you and/or other family members.
  • Becoming less helpful at home and more secretive.
  • Grades in school are dropping.
  • Money is missing.
  • A change in friends, or no longer brings friends home.

It’s painful for a parent to see their child become addicted to a destructive substance, but if and when such circumstances arise, there are read more…