November 2013

cocaine useCocaine use and abuse is a prevalent phenomenon all over the world and the “home and native land” of the maple leaf is certainly no exception.

In Canada alone it is estimated that a high percentage of crack users are aged 15 years and older, which means that a significant segment of school-age kids are trying drugs. The drug has the tendency to become a central part of a teenager’s life, replacing the healthier, more important things and pushing the user towards a more ingrained addiction. Not a strong case for national pride.

Cocaine Use and Crime

In Canada, crack cocaine use has been established for decades and is blamed as a driving force behind many of the country’s crimes, such as stolen property and even murder. It is also attributed to the loss of huge sums in health care and diminished productivity in work environments. More than read more…


No matter what anyone says, falling into cocaine addiction is not necessarily the end of the world for the cocaine user or the people in his or her life. With the right amount of professional assistance and guidance, determination, will power, and support from friends and loved ones, it is entirely possible to find yourself back on the road to a normal, healthy lifestyle.

Here are some of the solid, even life-saving benefits you can anticipate when you take that first step towards saying ‘no’ to cocaine. Think of them as the “4 Gs”:

cocaine addictionGo back to your old life – There is a big change for the worse in your entire life when you fall into the grip of cocaine addiction, which propels you to be continually on the hunt for your next fix. You tend to neglect the things that you normally do, your societal and familial duties, and overall functioning as a productive person.

When you get rid of the cravings caused by cocaine addiction, you will be able to step back and realize with a fresh perspective just how read more…