July 2013

cocaine useMany people mistakenly assume that cocaine use and addiction in general is an ugly habit that only delinquents tend to develop, and that famous people can dabble freely in drug use without consequence. But in reality, numerous movie stars and other celebrities can just as easily find themselves knee-deep in a dire situation and in serious need of rehabilitation.

Amy Winehouse

Although the exact cause of her death is in some ways still a mystery, Amy Winehouse was known to indulge in cocaine use well before her untimely demise. Despite an already amazing and certain stellar future music career, the abuse of cocaine and other illegal substances may well have fueled her downward spiral. The lyrics of Amy’s famous song “Rehab” are the unsettling foreboding of a tragic outcome.

Demi Lovato

The fresh-faced former Disney star seemed to have a promising career until the media sullied her reputation with read more…