June 2013

The prison of addiction is only one of the serious risks encountered by users of cocaine. From any number of major dangers to physical and mental health and even death, it’s hard to find anything positive about cocaine use.

Cocaine Brings You Down and Comes at a High Cost

cocaine useStudies have shown that cocaine use can cause lowered levels of dopamine and VMAT2 (the vesicular monoamine transporter 2). Dopamine is a hormone that causes feelings of positivity, while examination of VMAT2 has revealed that lowered levels are usually linked to depression.

Cocaine in its purest form can be very expensive, which is why it is commonly cut with various additives and fillers for those who are looking to profit from the trade. Given the extremely addictive qualities of cocaine, users who cannot readily give up the habit will go to great lengths to get their “fix”—often going far into debt to maintain their destructive habit.

Cocaine Use Can Result in Death

The ultimate risk of cocaine use is death, which is usually the result of overdose, followed by cardiovascular or read more…