May 2013

cocaine useWhen a discussion of drug rehab and the ravages of cocaine use come up, one can easily picture a user shying away from the conversation. Let’s look at just some of the most common reasons that those suffering from drug addiction usually give when confronting an opportunity to take the path towards treatment and recovery.

“I’ll be socially stigmatized…”

It’s easy to be labeled as an “addict” the moment you go into rehab. The media has painted a picture of celebrity has-beens undergoing rehab and seeing this step in their lives as the deepest pit of their careers.

What you should consider, however, is the changing perception of seeking professional help for drug addiction. Most Americans see read more…


cocaine useA widely-held notion about cocaine use is that the more you do it, the worse the effects become over time. In many ways, of course, this belief holds true. After all, one of cocaine’s most notorious effects is the addiction that reels you back in until it seems you just can’t escape. In an Australian study led by cardiologist Dr. Emma Figtree, however, there was a surprising result that almost completely overturns one of the most common views on cocaine use and its consequences.

Studying the Hearts of Recreational Cocaine Users

The cardiologist leading the study and her colleagues at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney recruited 17 recreational cocaine users with an average age of 37, who reported cocaine usage at least once a month for the last year. The participants provided information about their habit and cardiovascular risk factors. At least 48 hours after their last cocaine use, they had their blood pressure taken and read more…