November 2012

Resolving to firmly embark on the path to addiction recovery is the first important step towards actual rehabilitation. The next few stages and procedures may vary, depending on how the particular kind of treatment is approached by the addicted individual.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are two main ways to go about addiction recovery: medication and behavioral treatment.

Addiction Recovery and Going without the Drug

addiction recoveryFor cocaine addiction recovery, detoxification is one of the most direct methods. Going “cold turkey” can also be extremely challenging, but is a detoxification process that allows the drug to be expelled from the user’s system in a safe manner.

When undergoing the withdrawal phase, one may experience symptoms such as anger, depression, nausea, intense cravings for the drug, and disrupted sleep patterns. This is why many experts recommend that the user in withdrawal opt for a support system in rehabilitation centers, where there are trained professionals knowledgeable about helping patients along the hard path to addiction recovery.

Behavioral Treatments and Addiction Recovery

Aside from drug withdrawal, there are also behavioral treatments, which would include a modification of the patient’s attitude towards the drug, as well as assistance in ushering him/her back onto his/her feet once the treatment is done. An individual can opt between read more…