September 2012

Cocaine Use and RehabilitationAddiction to cocaine is already harmful in itself, as it can lead to extremely destructive drug dependence. There are many other serious complications that a cocaine user may suffer from. Learn the dire complications and know that there is sound professional help for those caught in the vicious web of cocaine use.

Anxiety from Cocaine Use

Chronic cocaine use makes withdrawal and recovery more complicated, as it can be coupled with intense panic and anxiety attacks. These episodes can vary in intensity, frequency, and duration, depending on the amount of exposure and usage, as well as the body of the user.
An anxiety attack from cocaine can cause shortness of breath, paranoia, accelerated heart rate, uncontrollable tremors or shaking, and sweating.

Cocaine Use and Disrupted Sleep Patterns

Cocaine users can experience a drastic change in sleeping patterns, which happens in two ways. The first can be insomnia, where the user will have trouble sleeping. This also affects an individual’s concentration when sober, and can eventually cause serious damage to read more…