August 2012

Cocaine Addiction RehabCocaine use and addiction has become prevalent in North America. In fact, in 2008, the National Institute on Drug Abuse estimated that there are 1.4 million people who are known to suffer from cocaine addiction in the United States alone.

From the time of that first hit, the road to abuse and serious cocaine addiction can be alarmingly short. Before you or a family member hits the destructive dependency stage of this devastating drug, remember that there are ways to face cocaine addiction and prevent it from damaging your life any further.

Avoid Cocaine Addiction: Say No from the Get-Go

For most young people, especially, curiosity is a powerful thing that can tempt many to consider trying out something new for the first time. If the temptation is cocaine or any other illicit drug, the best thing to do in such a situation is to say NO and read more…


Cocaine UseHigh-risk habits such as cocaine use can have dire effects upon and cause serious threats to one’s health, which begs the question of why some people still use the drug. Such are the perils of addiction, however, which can affect good judgment and cause self-destructive behavior. Whether it is for experimentation or habitual use, the ill effects of cocaine use go far beyond a warning to avoid addiction.

Cocaine use can bring about various risks that have long-term consequences not just for the user, but also for his or her loved ones, who must try to cope with a family member who is addicted to a destructive substance.

Sudden Death by Cocaine

A study was conducted in Spain by the Forensic Pathology Service at the Institute of Legal Medicine and spearheaded by Dr. Joaquin Lucena. The results revealed that 3% of sudden deaths recorded in southwest Spain were attributed to cocaine use. What’s more, this finding has been generalized to apply to the whole of Europe and even to the rest of the world.

The key finding of the study showed that most of the deaths that are linked to cocaine use are brought about by the drug’s effect upon the heart and other related systems in the body. In addition, a fatality resulting from cocaine use is not necessarily dependent upon the amount of cocaine taken, as read more…


Cocaine Rehab Road to RecoveryThere are many forms of addiction. Addiction is described as the continued use of mood altering substances or the practice of other destructive behaviors despite serious consequences. It is like having the same craving over and over again with no perceived satisfaction or ability to stop seeking it. This kind of damaging obsession requires serious and expert help to overcome, and that’s where drug rehab comes in.

Cocaine Abuse: A True Addiction

Drugs are without a doubt one of the most commonly and seriously abused substances in the world, and cocaine is no exception. People experiment with cocaine for many different reasons. Sometimes they try it out of curiosity, to “fit in,” or as a way they mistakenly think will ease or alleviate their problems or stress.

When a person continuously uses a devastating drug like cocaine in an attempt to escape from problems at work, school, home, or in relationships, this is when its use can be characterized as read more…


Cocaine Addiction RelapseThere’s no doubt that cocaine addiction is difficult to overcome; even admitting to the addiction in the first place is not easy. Although a person’s first experience with cocaine may be voluntary, as the addiction increases, the individual loses that sense of control over his or her ability to choose. Cocaine addiction is like a brain disease that affects a person’s entire being: who he is, what he wants, and what defines him as a functioning individual.

Seek Professional Help to Prevent Cocaine Addiction Relapse

It is no secret that the road to recovery begins by admitting and facing up to one’s personal addiction to drugs. This is not as simple or straightforward as most people think, because addicts often read more…