July 2012

How Cocaine Effects the Body and BrainCocaine is a nervous system stimulant that comes from the extracts of the leaves of the coca plant, which grows in the Andes region of South America. Its primary use is in medicine, where it is used in surgical procedures as an anesthetic agent and as an effective pain reliever prescribed post-operatively.

It is still first and foremost illegal to distribute cocaine for non-medically sanctioned purposes.
Sadly, in spite of this cocaine is one of the most extensively used drugs in the world. Street forms of cocaine are available to almost anybody who has deep pockets. The effects of cocaine can cause devastating financial ruin and extreme risks to both mental and physical health.

How is Cocaine Introduced into the Body?

The effects of cocaine have powerful negative effects on the body in every imaginable way. This substance is known to have rapid effects on read more…


What to Expect  During Cocaine WithdrawalWithdrawal from cocaine use, especially for those who have been using the substance for quite some time, can understandably be a difficult experience. Not only will the user undergo physical symptoms due to the cocaine withdrawal, his or her body may also crave the sense of elation that cocaine brings.

Quitting cold turkey may be the best way to deal with cocaine abuse. However, the user would require the physical and emotional support of family members, friends and, very importantly, a physician to ensure that the “crash” that usually follows the rehabilitation would be dealt with safely and carefully.

Cocaine Withdrawal for a Difficult Addiction

One of the problems with cocaine use is that most people underestimate its powerful addictive properties. Though most recreational drugs can become addictive to some extent, the levels of craving and dependence that users experience after frequent use of cocaine are somewhat harder to deal with.

This is the period during cocaine withdrawal when most users need professional help in dealing with specific symptoms, which can adversely affect the health and will power of the user during the rehabilitation process.

Craving during Cocaine Withdrawal

Get Help for Cocaine WithdrawalThe biggest challenge for cocaine users who are undergoing the rehabilitation process is that they may experience read more…


Of all the recreational drugs that Americans use, cocaine continuesCocaine Addiction to hold the highest record for deaths by overdose, as well as other drug abuse fatalities in most countries. In fact, in 2009, the Office of National Drug Control Policy recorded that approximately 35.9 million Americans aged 12 and older have tried cocaine. In the same record, Cocaine Facts & Figures, 2.1 million Americans were recorded as being regular cocaine users. If you are suffering from cocaine addiction, you are not alone.

Symptoms and Effects of Cocaine Addiction:

  • Sudden angry outbursts – One of the effects of cocaine addiction is that the user presents with antisocial behavior, anxiety or paranoia, which in turn can lead to sudden outbursts or anger management issues within the family.
  • Family members may be exposed to these kinds of outbursts without warning. The sad reality is that even though the user’s reactions and behavior may be a result of their cocaine addiction, family members may not understand what is happening and experience hard feelings or ill-emotions towards the user.